Dining Review_ Kona Cafe - Breakfast - at Disney’s Polynesian Resort

Dining Review_ Kona Cafe - Breakfast - at Disney’s Polynesian Resort


A trip to Disney’s Polynesian Resort is something I always look forward to. Recently, my wife and I were in town and decided to grab a late breakfast at Kona Cafe at the Poly before heading back home to North Florida.

If you’ve never been to the Polynesian, you are welcomed by Maui as you enter the Great Ceremonial Hall. After you take a few moments to bask in the fantastic smells the lobby provides, you make your way up to the second level of the lobby, where you’ll find a small shop and seating area, Kona Island, O’hana (a fan favorite amongst Disney World goers), the lounge, and Kona Cafe.

Kona Cafe is unique in that 90% of the restaurant is directly open to the second floor lobby. Only a small rail separates the guests eating from the passerby. This creates a very lively, environment where the sights and smells all come together.

On this trip, we were seated in a section towards the back, away from the lobby. I was very glad to find out on this trip that Kona Cafe had just brought back their limited chef’s selections for brunch - a rotating list of favorites, new and old. I saw this as a fantastic opportunity to get the Biscuits and Gravy - a limited time offering option. And boy let me tell you - when combined with the included sausage links and eggs, this was a very hearty breakfast. I would get it again if available, but I may order the selection my wife made on my next visit.

My wife, Melissa, got the Macadamia Nut Pancakes. These pancakes were so light, but packed full of flavor. If these are available on your visit, I highly recommend them.

Kona Cafe offers so many great dishes including the fan favorite Tonga Toast, along with great coffee selections as well (it’s one of the few places at Walt Disney World that you can get French press coffee). If you’re in the Magic Kingdom area, or even just looking for a good meal while you’re in town, go visit Kona Cafe and enjoy some time around the Polynesian. Maybe I’ll see you there…

- Jordan

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