Dining Review_ Toledo - Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort

Dining Review_ Toledo - Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort


Recently, I had the chance to visit Toledo for the first time since its reopening from the poandemic-affected closure. A bit had changed with the menu since my first visit (which took place just a few weeks after it opened in Summer 2019), so I thought I would share my experience.

While in Orlando for a quick weekend getaway with just the wife and I, we decided to grab a reservation at Toledo. It had been almost three years since we had eaten at this fine establishment and we were eager to back.

We started our date night with some drinks_ a blonde ale for myself and a rosé for my wife; both being direct products from Spain. This is an attractive option for those looking for some imported beers or wines, as the bar is fully stock with a well-rounded selection from Spain.

What I was not aware of was a change to the menu since it’s reopening (due to the pandemic). Gone were the numerous selections of Spanish-inspired tapas and other interesting bites that one flooded the menu (and your pallet). These were replaced by a much smaller menu with a few “appetizer” type dishes followed by some familiar entrees, as well as some new options. While I was disappointed to see many of the tapas gone, I was delighted to see the entree I enjoyed on our previous trip here, the Hangar Steak.

While the portions for the entrees here at Toledo, they are very well made. The Hangar Steak was a perfectly cooked medium-rare, topped with a salsa verde, rested on a bed of roasted fingerling potatoes with blistered peppers. This dish is absolute perfection. It is a Spanish-inspired classic that I could eat time and time again.

For my wife Melissa, she chose the Filet with an add-on side of fresh scallops. The dish also came with olive-oil potato purée, forest mushrooms, and date jam. This was another fantastic dish. The flavors of the filet paired with the date jam were incredible. While this may not be thought of as a classic “steakhouse” or on any existing top list of steaks, if you are looking for a fantastic steak cooked in a “different” way with unique flavors and accompaniments, I urged you to visit Toledo and order one of these dishes.

We rounded out our meal with the 50th Anniversary Almond Cheesecake – Marcona Almond, Lemon Curd, Pistachio Sponge, Meringue, Cherry Gelée, Fresh Raspberries. This was again, full of unique flavors and went down lightly for a cheesecake.

At the end of the day, if you’re looking for a unique dining experience that cannot be experienced anywhere else on Walt Disney World property (and probably hard to find in the Orlando area), go give Toledo a try. Aside from the food being great, the atmosphere, the views from the 15th floor of Gran Destino Tower, it is a great offering that I’m happy is open once again.

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