Fresh Look at New Boulder Ridge Villas Rooms

Fresh Look at New Boulder Ridge Villas Rooms

When the announcement was made way back in December 2019 that Disney would begin a full refurbishment project for the Boulder Ridge Villas in 2020, I was stoked. These were rooms that were greatly showing their age, and while nestled in to my favorite Walt Disney World Resort, I had no desire to spend the money to stay in the well-dated accommodations.

Well, we all know what took place just several months after that 2019 announcement, and after some long delays, we finally got a sneak peak at the progress of the Boulder Ridge Villas renovations in the Fall 2022 edition of the Disney Files magazine, a publication distributed to D23 members. But other than those few photos, nothing else has been shown.

That was until last week when Disney silently dropped a video on their Disney Parks channel on YouTube - a video that almost no one is talking about.

In this video, linked below, shows a much closer look at the fully refurbished rooms - and I for one, am so excited. The aesthetic is PERFECT. I can’t wait to stay in these rooms and see all the fresh new touches in person.

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