Low Key Relaxation Spots

Low Key Relaxation Spots

There’s a stigma behind the art of visiting theme parks that is no surprise to anyone.  Long, exhausting days in the hot sun, waiting in lines, crowds of people, you name it.  But contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t have to be this way.  Let me show you why!!

You see, while there may be some truth to what I just said, there are ways around that.  Instead of always being in the thick of it and trying to ride and do as many things as possible, sometimes slowing down and doing less can actually be more rewarding.  When you give yourself a moment to stop and just look around and take in your surroundings, the smells, the sounds, and the sights, you’ll gain a whole new perspective that can be appreciated.

Being a newcomer to Disney just over a year ago, I was one of those people that wanted to keep it moving and hit all the stops.  There came a point where I had done almost everything at least once or twice, and I really wanted to slow down and truly savor what the parks and resorts had to offer.  I usually do this in the form of food and drinks which Disney has plenty of options for the taking!  So let’s take a dive into the best low key places to relax while visiting Disney property.

Baseline Tap House, Hollywood Studios - Nestled between Star Wars_ Galaxy’s Edge and Muppet Vision 3D, Baseline Tap House is a super cool, swanky spot to chill out enjoy a beverage/snack and do some people watching.  Offering a continuously rotating menu of seasonal craft and local brew offerings as well as sangrias and other spirits, this place is a must do!  As if the drinks weren’t enough, they also advertise a great selection of bar snacks including charcuterie boards, pretzels with beer cheese and many other big hit items.  You have a selection of picnic tables and high tops to enjoy your selections with a nice view of the main walking paths and common areas for some prime people watching.  Anytime I go to Hollywood Studios, Baseline is for sure a must-do no questions asked!

Nomad Lounge, Animal Kingdom - Where do I even begin for Nomad Lounge?  Set alongside the river prior to Pandora_ World of Avatar, Nomad Lounge lends itself to be one of the top spots for relaxation on Disney property PERIOD!  Offering many of the appetizer-like kitchen items from Tiffins next door, Nomad Lounge gives you that same food but in a more laid-back casual atmosphere.  Recalling our trip back in November, sitting at an outside table in those lounge chairs watching flotillas drift down the river and taking in a cool late morning vibe, nothing has quite topped that moment for me!  As a personal recommendation, it’s a must to enjoy a Tusker Lager alongside the sweet corn soup while visiting Nomad Lounge.  It truly was life changing for me and I want that same thing for you!


Pete’s Silly Sideshow, Magic Kingdom - Magic Kingdom doesn’t have very many places that give you a low key vibe, but one I found randomly while trying to find a place with a mobile charging station is the covered patio area by Pete’s Silly Sideshow in Fantasyland.  Tucked away in the back corner behind Barnstormer and Dumbo, if you walk past Casey Jr’s Splash Pad you’ll see a covered patio area with picnic tables and lunge chairs.  This location is actually highlighted on the My Disney Experience app as a mobile charging station location as well.  A nice spot to get away from the crowd and get a comfy chair in the shade, you can’t really ask for much more in a park that gets as busy as Magic Kingdom. 

American Pavilion, Epcot - We’ve mentioned the American Pavilion previously as a great option for bathroom locations.  Right in front of the very bathrooms we discussed lies the American Pavilion and all of its glory.  This spot gives you an inside and outside option for kicking back and taking a load off while still providing views of the crowds and surrounding for great people watching action.  As a bonus you’ve got the coolest AC and coldest water available at Epcot right at your fingertips!  Not to mention whichever festival booth that’s sitting right beside the outside patio area offering only the finest of American brews and the occasional waft of smoked meats from nearby Regal Eagle BBQ.  This one is truly hard to beat in our book!

Odyssey Building, Epcot - Set between Test Track and the Mexico Pavilion, the Odyssey Building provides a great spot to grab some cool AC and a bathroom break. Additionally, most of the festivals operate a food booth from this location so you may kick up and snag yourself a festival treat while you’re passing through. One convenient trait the Odyssey Building has is it’s two bathrooms. One being on the inside at the entrance facing Test Track, and the other outside facing the bridge taking you toward the Mexico Pavilion, it’s a great way to keep lines to a minimum for the facilities. It’s a given fact that every time I visit Epcot I usually end up making a stop here at some point.

Caribbean Cay Island Gazebo, Caribbean Beach Resort - Between the lobby of Caribbean Beach Resort and the Jamaica area sits an island known as Caribbean Cay.  Surrounded by water it’s already an area that can bring a state of ease to your mind, then you spot a little path off to the left that envelopes a gazebo surrounded by sand and trees just calling you to plop down and rest for a moment.  If you’re staying at this resort and need a place to enjoy that morning coffee or that day drinking chill vibe, this is your spot!

Animal Kingdom Lodge/ Wilderness Lodge- I saved the best for last because these two resorts are considered low key relaxation spots in their entirety! I’ll start with Animal Kingdom Lodge, being that I recently visited here during the holidays. There are countless areas between Jambo House and Kidani Village that offer savanna visuals with seating and some even featuring fire pits on viewing scopes. Let’s not even get started with Victoria Falls Lounge, overlooking Boma and a cascading waterfall ambient in the background this place put me at ease with a Tusker Lager in hand! Even the lobby itself has a couple of fireplace areas with lounge chairs that’s nearly put us to sleep while waiting for our room to be ready. Wilderness Lodge, where do I even start? Wait I know, I’ll begin with the secret dual sided fireplace tucked away in a secret little area above the main lobby! A nice little spot Jordan showed us while walking off a Whispering Canyon breakfast. Right next to it was a door that led outside to a patio area overlooking the parking lot that was super low key and seemed to be often overlooked. Making our way downstairs we sat a spell in front of the fireplace, which was marvelous being that it was in the 40’s that morning. Once you make your way outside, you have a plethora of places to slip away whether it be a walk along the creek leading down into the pool and lake, or stopping by Geyser Point for a beer and a bison burger. The possibilities are truly endless.

Honorable mentions

- Hammocks along the beach of Caribbean Beach Resort 

- Polynesian Resort beach swings, outlooking Seven Seas Lagoon

- Tomorrowland Terrace, Magic Kingdom

- Dawa Bar, Animal Kingdom

- 50’s Prime Time Lounge, Hollywood Studios

- Backlot Express, Hollywood Studios

- PizzeRizzo (Upstairs), Hollywood Studios

I’m certain there are many more places we haven’t discovered yet, but our journey always continues to find new things!  I truly hope you take a chance and visit some of our favorite spots and take a load off your feet; just enjoy that moment because you deserve it!  Let us know what you think of our spots and give us feedback on places we have yet to try.  I can’t wait to get back in the resorts and parks to find more exciting ways to elevate your experiences at Disney.  We greatly appreciate all of you who take the time to listen and read what we have brought to the table, and it keeps us motivated to do even more every time.  Until next time, take care of yourselves and always be the best version of you every single day!                              

Cheers, Ryan 

“One of these days, the clocks will stop and time won’t mean a thing.”     -Foo Fighters                                                                                                       

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