#1 Places at Disney…to #2

#1 Places at Disney…to #2

There is no getting around it, we all use the restroom. When the time comes for nature to call, we can all agree that a properly cleaned restroom with minimal foot traffic is quintessential. When Jordan, Ryan, and I started discussing ideas for topics we would like to cover this was honestly one of the first ones that came up in our conversation. Why? Because we know, from experience, that going to theme parks as a family requires the knowledge of restrooms nearby for the kids. Kids will ask for restroom access at the most random and, at times, most inconvenient times so it became apparent this was a topic we needed to tackle for our listeners. Along with this blog entry, we also created a short video series titled “On Track” to help walk you through finding useful information within the My Disney Experience app - including restroom locations! Follow along as we go into detail about our findings.

We created a scoring system based off of cleanliness, foot traffic, size of facilities, theming, and location to narrow down our results.

First, we start at Magic Kingdom. Ryan showcases the restroom located just between The Plaza Restaurant and Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant. This location is solid due to the fact that Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant currently only operates during the fireworks at the end of the evening at Magic Kingdom, thus making this restroom have very low crowds throughout the day and limits its traffic to passerby’s getting to Tomorrowland. For my selection, I shed light on the restrooms located just behind Gaston’s Tavern, near Under the Sea. Unless you are stopping into Gaston’s Tavern for a gigantic cinnamon roll, or snagging a selfie with the Gaston and LeFou statue, chances are you never knew there are restrooms just a few yards away. Jordan takes us over to Storybook Circus with his choice at the Fantasyland Railroad Station. At the time of recording this episode, the Walt Disney Railroad has been closed due to construction of Tron, so this restroom gets very low foot traffic. Great choices here!

Our conversation now takes us to Animal Kingdom. For my selection, I chose the restroom located in Pandora_ The World of Avatar. The theming here is nothing short of incredible. However, this restroom gets visited regularly so you will see some foot traffic here. Ryan chose the Mombasa Marketplace restrooms, located between Dawa Bar and Kilimanjaro Safaris. For the most part, this restroom is efficient in having foot traffic moving into, and out, of the restroom. Jordan’s selection takes us to what is arguably the area kids are most drawn to in Animal Kingdom, DinoLand U.S.A. His selection is located right next to Chester and Hester’s Dinosaur Treasures. The location of this restroom is what keeps the foot traffic so low, and thus a great place to visit when that lunch at Flame Tree Barbecue is ready for departure.

Next on the itinerary is Hollywood Studios. Ryan highlights the restrooms at Sunset Showcase, near Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy. Again, we find that the location lends itself to less foot traffic than most, making it a great facility to visit. For Jordan’s selection, we are taken to Animation Courtyard. Due to the current state of Disney and the impacts of the pandemic, this location RARELY gets traffic. This area houses Star Wars Launch Bay and lots of Disney Jr meet and greets that are operating at reduced hours, if at all. As for my selection, I went outside of the park. I chose the restrooms that are located between the Hollywood Studios Skyliner station and the bus loop. Don’t knock it until you try it; its a great location!

Lastly, we take this party over to Epcot. Ryan chose the brand new restrooms located at the France pavilion just before turning the corner to the new Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure attraction. These restrooms are brand new, what else needs to be said?! Jordan had a magical experience that lead him to sharing the restrooms located at The American Adventure pavilion. Situated at the back of the pavilion, this restroom has it all. Who doesn’t like cold water and air conditioning fit for a polar bear while taking a break? As for me, I showcase the restrooms at the International Gateway as soon as you exit the Skyliner at Epcot. These restrooms are so convenient that you can take care of business prior to scanning into the park. Huge dubs there.

If you’re looking for restrooms outside of World Showcase, then here’s some of our favorites for consideration. The World Nature Restrooms can be found just across the path from the Land Pavilion, adjacent to Journey Into Imagination with Figment. Another great choice tucked away are the restrooms in The Seas pavilion. Nestled in the corner, ready for you to take care of business while the kids are running around playing with Bruce and friends. The other we’ll highlight is one of the newer restrooms at Epcot, located in the Odyssey Building. These restrooms are big, newer finishes and are next door to a First Aid and Baby Care Center, which can absolutely come in clutch when you least expect it. Bonus for this location, they usually serve chicken wings and beer at the food counter so treat yourself, fam.

Restrooms don’t get talked about enough when it comes to Walt Disney World. They are so important to our experience that we often overlook just how much they can impact our visit to the parks! Do yourselves a favor, download the My Disney Experience app and get familiar with how to find restrooms on the app. Its so easy! I will include screenshots of where to go to find this info. For our desktop users, or for those that just want to use the web browser on their phone/tablet, you can find this info on the Walt Disney World website by simply typing in “restrooms” in the search box in the top right hand corner of the web page.

This blog could be as long as the Figment popcorn bucket on opening day of Festival of the Arts if I recapped everything from our episode. I encourage you to listen to the entire episode as we share more info about facilities located at Disney Springs and Disney resort hotels, so be sure to listen and catch that information! I sincerely hope that we were able to help someone with any questions they had about restrooms around the Disney property and that this information was found to be useful. Until the next entry, take care of yourselves and take care of each other.


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